Terms of Service

Please carefully review the registration information of sold tickets when registering. It is not possible to guarantee changes to the registration free of charge.

If an event is cancelled, those who have registered will be offered a similar registration for the next event by the organizer, or a full refund of registration fees unless otherwise stated by the event organizer at the time of registration.

If the date or time of an event is changed, registrations will automatically be moved to a new date / time. If a new date / time is not appropriate, the buyer is entitled to a refund, but Corsa may set a specific time limit for customers to cancel the purchase.

Once you have purchased tickets for an event, you have 14 days from purchase to cancel them and request a refund of your purchase from Corsa. However, this does not apply to requests received when less than 14 days into an event.

At most events, the number of tickets is limited to ticket purchases, if the registration system is bypassed by abusing those rules and more registrations are purchased with the same name, ID number, email address or credit card, then Corsa reserves the right to invalidate all tickets purchased in excess. the number specified.

By registering and purchasing tickets from Corsa, you agree to receive an email from the person who organized the event. Corsa handles all personal information in accordance with the law, Corsa's privacy policy is accessible on Corsa's website. All events for sale at Corsa are the responsibility of the event's relatives, not Corsa.

Corsa and event relatives are not responsible for ticket holders' personal belongings before, during, or after the event ends.